PaleoBarefoots make socks amazing, using chainmail

The barefoot running craze is baffling, especially when you see some loon taking a nice pleasant barefoot jog through your average major metropolitan area. The ancient cavemen never had to deal with shards of glass or hobo urine, so why, precisely, you’d do this is an open question.


But, if you must run through the urban jungle wearing as little on your feet as possible, consider doing it with chainmail booties.

PaleoBarefoots are, well, we just told you. They’re chainmail booties. The idea is that you get to experience the agony of running barefoot without experiencing the agony of used needles puncturing your feet or the disgust of stepping in anti-freeze.

Granted, wearing socks made of chainmail links can have some definite drawbacks. These are breathable, to say the least, but probably a bit heavier than your average running shoe. Secondly, if you go running in any place colder than, oh, Florida, freezing metal touching the soles of your feet is probably not a great time.

But at least you’ll be protected from some of the elements. These will run you roughly $260, before shipping.

PaleoBarefoots [Official Site]