Photolettering lets you turn your photos into macros

I’m not a fan of the trend of taking a mediocre at best photo, slapping some faux-profound saying across it, and putting it on the Internet. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just go to Pinterest and scroll; you’ll see what I’m referring to soon enough.

House Industries

House Industries

On the other hand, being able to slap some text on a photo wherever and whenever is, well, if not useful, amusing, and that’s precisely what Photolettering does.

It’s true there are other applications that do this, and Over, the most popular, might just have a better interface. On the other hand, Photolettering comes from font designer House Industries, so you not only get access to their fonts, but also to their expertise in using them. Most of them aren’t stuff you’ll use very often but hey, what do you want from a free app?

Beyond that, the app itself is easy to use: It’s built entirely around gestures, so resizing, adding, and tweaking both photo and text in the app is pretty much a snap. Just don’t try to inspire people with it, or we’ll find you.

Photolettering [iTunes]

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