Prankster tells news channel UCLA flooded because ‘someone took a really large dump’

ucla prank call

A prank caller claiming to be Department of Public Works spokesman Louis Slungpue called ABC 7 in Los Angeles and explained why a water pipe that flooded the campus broke. I repeat, his name was Louis Slungpue.

Of course he got on the air, because fact checking is so 20th century when it comes to breaking news these days, and proceeded to first tell the anchors that the massive flood was caused by someone flushing a cherry bomb down a toilet. The news anchors were appropriately shocked.

But not as shocked as when Mr. Slungpue followed that up with “it was either a cherry bomb or someone took a really large dump, y’know?”

“That is incredible. Are you 100 percent sure about that?” replies the female anchor before the line goes dead and everyone (sort of) catches on.

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H/T HuffPo