President Obama will get golf lessons from Butch Harmon

Butch Harmon wasn’t good enough for Tiger Woods anymore but he’s good enough for the Commander-in-Chief. During President Obama’s visit to Florida, he’ll meet with Harmon to hone his swing.

“I’ve played golf with Ike, Nixon, Ford and President Bush 41,” Harmon said from his golf school in Henderson, Nev. “I never played with President Clinton. I met him in the Oval Office. It’ll be interesting. I know the President is a real keen golfer. I’m looking forward to it. It should be fun.”

Butch’s son, Claude III (terrible name), will also fly into The Floridian GC in Palm City, Fla to add his expertise. Both plan on using state of the art technology to assess the President’s awkward left-handed swing.

Meanwhile, in more pressing world matters, a meteorite took out Russia and Kim Jong-Un’s playing with nukes. And we made fun of this guy?