Entire history of video games on eBay, for half a million dollars

And not only is pretty much the entire history of video games available on eBay from one guy, there’s also a desperate plea for help.

Massive game collections are somewhat of a common thing on eBay, but this particular auction might be the most impressive and massive one yet. As well as the most the depressing one.

Here’s the seller’s message that kicks off the description, and it’s clear that his love for games has clearly gotten out of hand, with the end result being some serious pangs of regret…

“After a life spent collecting video games I decide to sell off my entire collection.
I just have too much things and the space to store them is finished long ago… also I realized that if I want to play at least half of my games, I should live two or three entire human life…”

Or perhaps the somewhat broken English is what’s making the sentiment seem so pathos filled? Anyhow, the auction includes over 6850 games and over 330 systems, spanning every corner of the globe and from the past 30 plus years.

It’s a truly impressive collection; there are some crazy rare stuff to be found. The bottom of the page has almost a hundred, if not more, pics to sift through. Too bad, in addition to need a ton of cash and ton of space, it’s also apparently soul crushing.

In fact, the more I look at the auction, the more it’s seriously bumming me out.