Puppy Helps Cheetah Cub Recover From Surgery And OH MY GOD THE FEELS



I spent this entire video wanting the puppy and cheetah cub to cuddle, really comfort one another, ya know? Instead they handle it like a couple of bros, just there for each other.

In fact, I was sort of questioning just how close they were after that video, even if it was touching….Then I started to watch other videos of these two, and holy hell are they adorable. It’s okay to feel all the feels during this videos, it involves puppies, something no man can pass judgment on another man for getting emotional over:

First public play time

Puppy Love

Source: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

If you’re concerned about the cheetah cub, and the surgery it underwent in the first video, here’s the explanation according to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park:

Accompanied by his puppy companion, a male cheetah cub at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park underwent surgery to repair growth abnormalities in his limbs on Wednesday, Sept. 3. The Rhodesian ridgeback puppy, named Raina, accompanied him to the veterinary hospital and waited nearby throughout the entire procedure.

The young cub was recently diagnosed with a growth abnormality in his forelegs where the growth plate in the ulna stopped growing before the radius, causing a bowing of the limbs. The surgery was performed at the Safari Park’s Harter Veterinary Medical Center by consulting veterinarian Sean Aiken, of the Veterinary Specialty Hospital. Aiken was assisted by the Safari Park’s Christine Molter, D.V.M., and Jeff Zuba, senior veterinarian.

Ruuxa and Raina have been constant companions since being paired together at four and five weeks of age, respectively. The young cheetah is expected to make a complete recovery and should soon be running and roughhousing again with his puppy pal.

Admit it dude, you just felt all the feels in the world. It’s okay if you’ve just fallen head over heels for Ruuxa and Raina, no judgment from me.


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