Qdoba adds two new quesos to the menu for a limited time

by 4 years ago


The fast-casual burrito war has two contenders, Qdoba and Chipotle. One of them just took their strong suit and made it even better.

Chipotle maintains an edge in steak and commercials, but they can’t compete with Qdoba’s mole sauce (technically Ancho Chili BBQ) and their 3-Cheese Queso. Now they’re creating an even bigger gap in their already dominant sauce selection by adding Queso Diablo and Queso Verde to the assembly line for a limited time.

The new Queso Diablo features a blend of fiery jalapenos and smoky chipotles that are sure to fire up any entrée, while Queso Verde blends fresh cilantro and lime juice for a fresh, zesty flavor. Both new Quesos use Qdoba’s 3-Cheese Queso as their base.

If only there was a way to try all three at once without having to get three burritos (which I would do in a heartbeat). Oh, there is? Of course there is! Those Qdoba people think of everything.

For a limited time, guests can experience the new Queso Diablo and Queso Verde alongside their favorite original 3-Cheese Queso and chips with the Queso Sampler.

There has never been a sampler platter that I haven’t wanted to eat, and that story isn’t changing today. It’s been at least 6 days since my last visit to Qdoba, and it’s about time for a return. Hopefully I don’t get in a fight with their fancy million-option fountain machine like I did last year.




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