If You’re Trying To Hide A Keg Inside A Baby Stroller, You Might Be A Redneck

This man is some sort of redneck genius who’s brilliance is expressed through things such as concealing alcohol and blowing junk up. Today he’s hiding a keg in a baby stroller.

We’ve seen Steve Jessup a few times here on BroBible, most recently he was using explosives to blow up his wife’s giant black dildo, and before that he rigged the windshield wiper system in his truck to be a jack and coke dispenser. Today Steve seems concerned with the inability to drink in public, and is looking to remedy it by creating a secret keg system cloaked beneath an innocent baby stroller.

Is it pure genius, pure redneck, or somewhere in between? Watch and you be the judge:

How can you not be impressed by his redneck dedication to getting drunk? Even if you can’t understand 50% of the gibberish spewing out of his mouth, it’s pretty incredible what he’s able to whip up in his redneck workshop.

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