Redneck Blows Up Wife’s Giant Black Dildo When She’s Out Of Town Because Why The Hell Not?

What does a redneck do when his wife’s out of town to keep busy? Does he whittle for hours and play his banjo? Or does he blow up his wife’s giant black dildo with a rifle and explosives?

I think you all know the answer to my previous question. And when you’re watching a video and someone says “What the fuck you think’s gonna happen next?” you KNOW for certain something awesome is going to happen. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this lovable redneck, Steve Jessup. In fact just two days ago I posted on how he’s a DIY genius when turned his windshield wipers into Jack Daniels dispenser. All that aside, let’s get to the gettin’

The entire video is incredible, but the BBD action kicks in just after the 3 minute mark, enjoy!

Let’s take one more look at that money shot, shall we?

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