Newton’s Law Of Being Drunk: For Every Drunk Guy There Exists An Equal And Opposite Drunk Guy

One of Newton’s lesser known laws was that for every drunk guy in the world, throwing up or not, there exists an equal and opposite drunk man. Here we see that in action.

via reddit user shinobeast

What are the odds that when you’re trying to get your bro to blow chunks and feel better a car pulls up at the EXACT same time and someone kicks open the door to let loose in the street?

I’ve thrown up on many a sidewalk and street in my day, one time I threw up from a car in a drive-thru over the grass on to the sidewalk and in to another street. I’m not proud of it but I’m also not ashamed of it. That said, in the countless times I’ve spewed never has someone shown up at the same time to let it go. This is truly a miracle.

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