Why Can’t I Stop Watching This Drunk Dude Try To Catch A Log With His Forehead?

Bros, I want you to listen to me very carefully: no matter how drunk you get, never forget that you cannot break logs with your forehead. This guy forgot and just look at him.

Gotta admit up front that I had to watch this about three times before I realized it was a f*cking LOG that he tried to catch with his head. This is also proof that Russian dudes, contrary to popular believe, are not invincible after drinking vodka.

Just one log to the dome and he was out. Now, for the sake of patriots everywhere, which one of you hard-headed ‘Murican readers are willing to hop in there and show how much stronger skulls are when they’ve been fused by the bonds of freedom? Though you still won’t be able to break the log, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right? /s

And for the sake of ‘DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME’ let’s just watch this one more time in GIF, shall we?

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