Sensus turns your entire iPhone into a touchscreen

Most iPhone cases are little more than impact-absorbing plastic shells with no unique features. Not the Sensus. No, the Sensus is something else entirely: A case that turns your whole iPhone into a touch-sensitive device. And it looks amazing.


The Sensus’ concept is pretty simple. Hook the case up to your phone, and you can now use the back and right side as a touch control as well.

It sounds redundant, at first, but consider that you can turn a page by swiping the side or moving your finger across the back. It’s also useful for games and the like.

This may sound familiar to gamers: The PS Vita has a somewhat similar capability. And it is actually quite useful. The real question for Sensus and its customers is how or if app developers will make use of the case. We can definitely see it being incredibly useful, but it’s like any other piece of hardware; it needs software to showcase the advantages.

Either way, we hope there’s an Android version in the works. If nothing else, it’ll keep the front of the phone from getting all greasy.

Sensus [Official Site]