If ‘The Simpsons’ ever ends, here’s how one show insider thinks it will happen

The Simpsons First Episode

The Simpsons marathon on FXX has lit a fire under the long running TV show.

Fans and new viewers to the show are consuming the 12-day marathon of The Simpsons in record (for FXX) numbers. It more than tripled the typical FXX prime time audience. Old fans are watching, new fans are catching on, and the show is enjoying a semi-resurgence in popularity in preparation for its record 26th season in September, 2014.

Al Jean, an executive producer and show runner for The Simpsons, has been having a conversation with the official FXX Twitter account for the marathon. In one exchange, Jean discussed his idea for The Simpsons finale — should the show ever end.


Jean is making reference to the first episode of The Simpsons ever, which premiered back in 1989, and involved the family being late for the Springfield Elementary Christmas pageant.

Not a bad idea. What do you think? What’s the best way to end The Simpsons, again, assuming it ever goes off the air?

[via HuffPo]

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