SNL: CNN pregnancy test gives you the most information without giving you any information

Saturday Night Live hilariously took aim at CNN and their incessant Malaysia Air Flight MH370 coverage. The news network has made the Malaysia Air disappearance their absolute number one priority over the past month with round-the-clock coverage, despite there really being new developments in the tragic situation. CNN will constantly chime in with “BREAKING NEWS” sweepers and sounds and not actually provide any “BREAKING NEWS” whatsoever. SNL stars Beck Bennett and Vanessa Bayer perfectly roasted the news network with this witty advertisement for a CNN take-home pregnancy test that offers “relentless, breaking alerts let us know that it’s working hard to find out if we’re having a baby.” The test quickly announces the urgent message, “BREAKING: Search for pregnancy underway.” Followed by “BREAKING: Search for pregnancy continues.” And then, “BREAKING: CNN more confident than ever that it will soon know if you’re pregnant.” And then, “BREAKING: Search for pregnancy enters third week.” I imagine that the CNN pregnancy test is the preferred method of notification by deadbeat dads everywhere who want to have plenty of time for their getaway.