Spectacular crashes highlight Sunday night’s X Games

Day 4 of the Winter X Games in Aspen featured two spectacular crashes into the crowd. Sadly, one spectator was injured as a result.

Take a look.

That’s Jackson Strong on the controls of that snowmobile. Something he only had 4 hours of training on. Yes, you read that correctly. Strong is a biker and thought he’d give snowmobiling a try. He admitted to having only seen snow twice in his life prior to the Aspen games.

(Note to self: don’t stand anywhere near the snowmobiling course when a novice does tricks)

This second crash on the half-pipe was far less dangerous yet just as dramatic.

As you can see, Matt Ladley’s foot slips out of the binding, sending him dangerously close to spectators. By the way, man in the red coat may want to pay more attention to the action and less attention to the sexting.