What TV shows we should watch tonight

Katheryn Winnick Vikings


I don’t dislike The Following but the continued use of, “oh, surprise, here’s another follower” sucks. It treats viewers like ignorant children. Not at the point yet where it’s coming off my DVR but close to it.

The Following @ 9pm, FOX: Despite my complaints, it’s still the best thing to watch on Monday’s.

La La’s Full Court Life @ 10pm, VH1: Has La La ever addressed the Honey Nut Cheerios thing?

Baylor-Texas @ 9pm, ESPN: Baylor, still reeling from that epic loss to KSU takes on the lowly Longhorns tonight.

Deception @ 10pm, NBC: ‘Good Luck with your Death’ is the title for tonight’s episode. R.I.P. anonymous person.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson @ 12:37am, CBS: Katheryn Winnick was simply wonderful on that new Vikings show. Check her out tonight with Craigie.