The sad tale of Mirza Teletovic, the man who airballed three shots in a row

Imagine for a second you’re a 27-year-old NBA rookie. You’re playing in Detroit, a place your team hasn’t won since 2006. Your family and friends are in attendance, occupying an entire section, waving your country’s flag.

Coach turns to you, says, “we need a few good minutes out of you son. Starters need a rest. Give us the best you got.”

You eagerly hop off the bench. Your time has come to shine. You’ve been waiting for this moment your entire life. There are tears of joy from your proud countrymen in the stands. Then you do the unthinkable….

The following is the sad story of Mirza Teletovic. A man who threw up three airballs in three consecutive possessions. I was there to catch the moment in person. I was moved by the incredible feat. I nearly soiled myself as a result.

The first airball

The second airball

The third and final airball

The realization of what you’ve just done

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The walk of shame

The ribbing from Pistons announcers

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Mirza Teletovic sucks 2

Mirza Teletovic sucks 3

Finally, your sad family and friends