Thief caught because he stopped to eat ice cream

We’ve featured plenty of dumb criminals, but this one ranks near the top. A 17-year-old broke into an ice cream shop and was caught on surveillance cameras as he sampled some tasty treats instead of leaving. I guess he was confused about what Dorrough meant when he rapped about an ice cream paint job.


Renteria allegedly used a screwdriver to pry his way in through the back door of an ice cream shop, Paleteria La Monaraca, at 5633 W. Diversey Ave. on April 7.

He allegedly told police that he broke into the shop looking for cash and “ate some ice cream.”
Police later arrested him while he was walking in the 2400 block of North Mango Avenue Monday when they recognized him from the surveillance video.

He’s being charged as an adult, which seems almost cruel given how obviously stupid he is. The worst part isn’t even that he was dumb enough to get caught on camera, it’s the the shop barely had any money. According to the building owner’s wife, it’s used mostly as a storage area for an ice cream truck. There’s no word on how much he stole, but it couldn’t have been much. This isn’t good for him, because somehow I don’t think “I got arrested for eating ice cream” carries much weight in jail.

via DNAinfo