This is the craziest story at the Olympic games. Woman breaks foot and still wins gold medal

The toughest athlete at the Sochi Olympics isn’t a hockey player or a luger but rather a cross-country skier. This morning, Poland’s Justyna Kowalczyk won gold in the 10-km classical race with a broken foot. She dominated the field winning by an astounding 18.4 seconds. Again, she won the race with a BROKEN FOOT?! I can’t even.

“It’s something big for me because I broke my foot two weeks ago,” said Kowalczyk, who wept during the flower ceremony. “I was fighting with myself with this injury.”

What? How is that even possible? She must be lying right? Let’s do some research and NOPE, she posted a pic of her broken foot on Facebook.



Remember when Michael Jordan had a hangover and scored all those points in a Finals game? Yeah, this is so much better.

Here she is collapsing at the finish line.


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