This is what two years with an NCAA Strength and Conditioning coach does for your body

Mickey Marotti is the Strength and Conditioning coach for OSU, apparently he’s also a wizard. One of his players, (Joshua Perry, a Junior LB) recently uploaded a photo to Instagram of the results Marotti’s fitness program has had in just two years, and holy sh*t how is that even real?!?

In the past 12 months, July 2013 to July 2014, he managed to only gain nine pounds yet somehow turn in to a shredded beast who’s arms hang off his body in a parabola.

Unfortunately for OSU, these results are unlikely to have any tangible effect towards their performance on the field. As we know they’re perennial underachievers who love to choke in big games. Nevertheless, according to this, as of 2012 Mickey Marotti is only making $380,000 (more than the Offensive Coordinator was back then) so it’s clear that the anti-christ Urban Meyer needs to give this man a raise before he loses him to the good side.

As of yesterday, Bovada has OSU’s Over/Under on Wins for the 2014 season set at 10.5, and the Buckeyes came in at somewhat respectable #6 in the first Preseason Coaches Poll. I say somewhat respectable because it pales in comparison to the #1 preseason ranking of my reigning National Champion alma mater, the Florida State Seminoles, who’s over/under on wins this season is a full game ahead of OSU at 11.5.



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