Tourists flip out as glass shatters on observation skydeck 103 floors high

Imagine for a second you’re standing on an observation skydeck made of glass. You are 103 floors high. Then you hear the glass cracking beneath you, it begins to shatter. Do you a) crap your pants b) vomit c) pass out?


That exact scenario played out at Chicago's Willis Tower SkyDeck on Wednesday afternoon. Four people were standing on the deck, including Alejandro Garibay. The above pic is the result.

But Garibay said that even before his group walked out into one of the boxes at about 9:50 p.m., they and other people were joking with staff about the strength of the boxes.
“They jokingly and confidently responded, ‘It’s unbreakable,’ so we just went on,” said Garibay.

Unbreakable you say?

“I walked them over so they could see and they were totally shocked and asked us to step away and then proceeded to start calling staff and techs and I don’t know who else. When we pulled our phones to start recording and take pictures they asked us to leave right away,” he said.

I’m sure that was a lovely phone call. “Hey, um, you know that unbreakable glass on the skydeck. Well, yeah, not so unbreakable anymore.”