Victoria’s Secret ‘sexy’ sports bra is a major bust

by 5 years ago

Victoria's Secret Bra

It’s Victoria’s dirty little secret — the sexy sports bra that no woman wants.

Part of the Victoria’s Secret Sport collection, these “Knockout” bras have push up features and padding designed to accentuate the breasts during every lift, lunge and sprint.

Victoria’s Secret’s heart was in the right place when creating the Knockout sports bra. The company wanted to create a sexy sports bra for men. This bra isn’t for women. No woman gives a crap about accentuating their boobs in the middle of a workout.

Sales aren’t so healthy.

“We bought enough to hit a home run, but we hit about a double or a triple,” Chief Financial Officer Stuart Burgdoerfer said at an event this past week. But while sales are lagging, the company insists it won’t discount the bras just yet.

Not the breast idea. Best idea. Why, what did I say?

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