Wall St. guys have a traveling strip club that makes regular girls $1000s a night

by 6 years ago

Not cool enough to get into the Saint Venus Theater members-only roaming strip club, where amateur girls take off their clothes for thousands of bucks a week? Don’t worry, now you can see what they see.

Business Insider unearthed the email that allegedly went out to the exclusive group of Wall Streeters looking for their groins to be ground upon.

A New York Post story today talks about the amateur girl appeal of the super secret Saint Venus Theater, with one member saying, “The thing at Saint Venus is I could’ve gone to high school or college with any of these chicks.”

It doesn’t hurt that, unlike regular strip clubs, Saint Venus Theater-goers can grope away or kiss a woman on her mouth, face, or her breasts in the regular parts of the club.

A couple parts of the email that goes out to members are below (see them all at Business Insider). Make sure to note that Wednesday event has the rigatoni pasta with meat sauce AND macaroni and cheese! Sorry, girls, I’ve found my slice of heaven elsewhere.



Business Insider


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Business Insider



Business Insider

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