What to watch tonight: ‘League of Denial’

by 5 years ago

Did the NFL cover up evidence linking football to brain injuries? Tonight, PBS takes an in-depth look in an episode called “League of Denial.” This is the documentary ESPN reportedly pulled out of because of NFL pressure. I hate to call a documentary on Tuesday night must-see TV, but yea, this is must-see TV. It airs on 9pm, EST. Here’s what else you need to watch tonight.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. @ 8pm, ABC: Ok, I may have been wrong about this show. Perhaps it’s not as good as I once thought. Only took me three weeks to realize it.

Sons of Anarchy @ 10pm, FX: Because this is a show people watch on Tuesday’s despite the fact it’s not very good anymore.

MLB Playoff @ 5pm, TBS: An elimination game for the Tigers tonight at home. They haven’t looked good , they haven’t scored runs and they’re pretty much f-cked.

Chicago Fire @ 10pm, NBC: There was an arsonist…in the firehouse. Seriously? I mean, they stole that plot from Backdraft.