What to watch tonight: ‘Real Sports’, ‘How Sherlock Changed The World’

Special treat for you hockey fans out there as HBO provided us with episode 1 of Road to the NHL Winter Classic. Episode 2 debuts this Saturday at 9pm. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

NCIS: Los Angeles @ 9pm, CBS: There’s not much “new” TV tonight so yes, this is a definite option.

The Voice @ 9pm, NBC: Tonight’s the season finale and I swear, Blake Shelton better not win again (actually, I have no idea, I don’t watch).

How Sherlock Changed the World @ 9pm, PBS: As an amateur Sherlockian, I believe this constitutes must-see TV.

Cincinnati-Pittsburgh @ 7pm, ESPN: Sure, if you need a middle of the week college basketball fix.

HBO Real Sports: 2013 Highlights @ 10pm, HBO: Bryant Gumbel discusses the best sports stories of the year.

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