What to watch tonight: The return of Arsenio Hall, MNF



Aresenio. Freakin. Hall. Twenty years later, the man, the myth, the legend returns to late night. Elsewhere, Monday Night Football goes back-to-back. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

U.S. Open Final @ 5pm, CBS: This is as must-watch as tennis gets. Nadal-Djokovic may end up being a better rivalry than Nadal-Federer.

Mistresses @ 9pm, ABC: A season finale but really, a series finale.

Under the Dome @ 9pm, CBS: Are people still watching this?

Arsenio Hall Show @ who knows: I have no idea what channel this is in your area so look around. I, for one, will give it a shot.

MNF @ 7pm, ESPN: There are two games on tonight, one is much more compelling as RGIII heads back to the field after his ACL injury.