What to Watch tonight: ‘Suits’ season finale, ‘Real Sports’

Tonight, HBO’s Real Sports takes a look at the Seattle Sounders, a soccer team with perhaps the most loyal fans in sports. Elsewhere, Suits has its mid-season finale. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine @ 8:30pm, FOX: Cop dramedy starring Andy Samberg. Eagerly await guest appearance from meth kingpin Justin Timberlake.

Sons of Anarchy @ 10:30pm, FX: Jax vs. the Irish, a culture clash.

Suits @ 9pm, USA: This season has been like a wounded dog—one in desperate need of a lethal injection. Just end it already.

Real Sports @ 10pm, HBO: This is a must-watch, especially if you know nothing about the Sounders.

Olbermann @ 11pm, ESPN2: I was critical of Olbermann for his handling of the Pete Prisco column, but he’s grown on me. Especially after he took his employer down last night.