What to watch tonight: ‘Nashville’, Pacers-Heat

Greatest moment from Nashville this season. By far. Here is what you need to watch tonight.

MasterChef @ 8pm, FOX: Hard to keep up with all the reality food shows these days. Is this the one where Gordon Ramsay swears at people?

Modern Family @ 9pm, ABC: Season finale. Show’s not nearly as fan as their fans think.

Chicago Fire @ 10pm, NBC: There’s a fire at the Cook County penitentiary and our friendly neighborhood firemen are called to extinguish it.

Nashville @ 10pm, ABC: A solid, solid show for ABC placed in a perfect time slot. Looking forward to future episodes of Hayden Panettiere stripping.

Game 1, Pacers-Heat @ 8pm, TNT: Well, that was a long break. Thanks David Stern. A$$hole.

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