What to watch tonight: ‘The Following’ and NBA Playoffs


The Following and some NBA playoff action highlight your Monday night TV watching.

Rectify @ 9pm, Sundance: Death row inmate returns to his hometown after new evidence exonerates him.

Late Show with David Letterman @ 11:37pm, CBS: I urge you to watch tonight because I believe Letterman may embarrass the hell out of guest, Ryan Lochte.

The Following @ 9pm, FOX: I’ll give the show credit for advancing the plot but it still comes down to FBI investigations resembling a scene from Scooby-Doo.

Bulls-Nets @ 8pm, TNT: The question isn’t who will win this series but rather how many games it will take the Nets to finish the Bulls off.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart @ 11pm, Comedy Central: I’m obligated to tell you when Christina Hendricks is on TV. You’re welcome.