What TV shows we should watch tonight

Comedy Central

Comedy Central

Stay up and watch that Heat-Warriors game tonight. Last time the teams faced, rookie Draymond Green hit a game-winning shot and proceeded to talk junk to LeBron. This one should be interesting. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

American Idol @ 8pm, FOX: Who’s ready for a Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey cat fight?

American Horror Story: Asylum @ 10pm, FX: Yet another fantastic FX series.

Workaholics @ 10pm, Comedy Central: Tonight’s episode is entitled, “Booger Nights.” Yes please.

Late Show with David Letterman @ 11:35pm, CBS: If you like large asses and fake bitches, Kim Kardashian’s on tonight.

Miami-Golden State @ 10:30pm, ESPN: The Heat are in a mini-slump and there rumblings Wade’s unhappy with his role.

Amish Mafia @ 8pm, Discovery
: Is this show any good? Can the Amish weigh in here? Actually, forget it, they don’t even use computers.