What’s winning the Internet today (02.13.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Odd Ways to Leave Your Lover

leave your lover

Huffington Post

I really don’t like #2.
5 Most Bizarre Ways to Leave Your Lover


NFL Gifs

SI Extra Mustard

GIFs just make everything better. Even the NFL.
The 75 Best Animated GIFs of the 2012 NFL Season: Part III

Mystery Solved




Maryna Linchuk in Lingerie

linchuk hot


Victoria’s Secret really needs to use her more often.
Maryna Linchuk in Sexy Lingerie is What You’ve Been Waiting For

Depressing Romance Comics

romance comics

The FW

Even comic book characters have shitty romance lives.
13 Depressing Romance Comics for Valentine’s Day

Full Court Shot on 1 Hop

Christina Stefanidi Hotness



Get the fire extinguisher ready.
The 20 Hottest Photos of Christina Stefanidi

Ram vs. Drunk Russians

ram vs russians

Clip Nation

Guess who wins?
Ram vs. Drunk Russians (Video)

Ashley Emma in Pink

ashley emma

Gorilla Mask

She’ll be your pretend girlfriend tomorrow.
Ashley Emma (NSFWish)

Side Boob




Worst Reality Show Tragedies

reality show tragedy

Guy Speed

Nothing will beat the way Steve Irwin went out.
The 10 Worst Reality Show Tragedies — So Far

Alyssa: Bobcats Dancer

bobcats dancer

Busted Coverage

This is why Instagram was invented.
50 Best Instagram Photos of Alyssa – Charlotte Bobcats Dancer

Too Awesome Valentines

valentines cards


Someone needs to actually sell these.
20 Valentines Too Awesome to Exist

Analu Campos in Lingerie

analu campos


If you don’t know who Analu Campos is, you really need to.
Model at Midnight: Analu Campos

Best Harlem Shake Videos

harlem shake

Elite Daily

Watch these, then never watch another one again.
The Best Harlem Shake Videos on the Web

Elisha Cuthbert Looking Good

elisha cuthbert


She’s this month’s Maxim cover girl!
Elisha Cuthbert

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

fontana lingerie


Best Grammy Awards GIFs, Hottest Katy Perry GIFs, Isabeli Fontana in Lingerie, and more!