If you don’t think this is racism, there’s the door

It took mankind some 200,000 years but we finally did it everyone! We finally found the worst woman in the world. Hooray! A brief summary for those that don’t want to watch 4 minutes of vile, racist garbage: black man in car has a confrontation with a white woman who proceeds to lose her mind and call him “nigger” over and over and over again.

There are so many WTF moments here. But the oddest one has to be when she talked about stripping for the local cops—in front of her children—while her daughter was spinning around a cement pole. I mean, yeah, there were a lot of weird moments in the video but that one really made me scratch with my head.

Also, what’s up with dollar stores lately? Last week we had flamboyant man spraying lady with Febreze and now this? Is the dollar store where all the crazies hang out? Should we leave a camera outside of every dollar for the viral video possibilities? Should there be a reality series called “Dollar Stars.” Actually wait, that’s kind of genius. Nobody steal that.