Woman rushed to E.R. after she tries to spice up sex life with Pop Rocks

by 4 years ago

Humans are an odd species when it comes to sex. They aren’t happy with just regular spectacular sexual intercourse, there’s always somebody trying to “spice” up their love life by taking something that’s completely not sexual and introducing it into the bedroom. For this unfortunate couple that weird thing that was going to make their sex erupt was Pop Rocks. Yes, the exploding candy.

The adventurous young woman thought it was a great idea for her husband to pour the carbonated candy into her pleasure hole to enhance their romantic session. Well that blew up in her face, or actually his face. David G. Meyers, an emergency room physician in Newport Beach, Calif., tells of this explosive situation on the TLC show Sex Sent Me To The E.R., which airs Saturday. The woman was surprised to find out first hand that shoving Pop Rocks in your vagina isn’t fruity and sweet, but instead painful and searing.

I like how in the reenactment the couple are screaming out in the emergency room without any reservation about how their love life is so lacking passion that they bring exploding candy into the equation. They are so perplexed at the doctor for his inability to not understand how someone would want to pour a bag of combustible confections into the same place that gave birth to their baby.

Is it possible that if you need to bring exploding candy into your most intimate of times then maybe, just maybe you aren’t sexually aroused by each other anymore and it’s time to find another partner.


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