WTFlorida: Semi-truck driver crashes and release 20 million buzzing bees in to the wild

In today’s edition of WTFlorida, we’re forced to face the reality that the Sunshine State’s insanity is leaking out….

This semi-truck driver from Miami was on his merry way on up I-95 to Maine when his carnal Floridian urge to wreck sh*t took over, and he crashed his truck that was hauling an estimated 16 to 20 million bees, releasing them in to the wild.

Yes, the insanity typically bottled up down south is leaking out, and now there are 20 MILLION buzzing bees from Florida flying around in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Should you be alarmed? HELL YES. 20 million BEES are on the loose. Imagine 20 million angry anal beads that can fly and sting suddenly released in to the wild…but they weren’t anal beads, were they? They’re BEES.

Why? Why Florida do you feel the need to invade other states with your hordes of swarming insects? First lady bugs, now this?

According to this site it only takes 1,500 stings to kill an average 150lb adult. So by my math that’s enough bees in this one crash to kill 13,333 human beings. THIRTEEN THOUSAND ADULTS. Oprah would be proud.