WWE News and Rumors: Wrestlemania 31 plans for Cesaro & Reigns, superstar surgery & Evolution additions

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WWE rumors and news to report today involves the future plans for Cesaro and Roman Reigns, Evolution and where in the world is Rey Mysterio?

Wrestlemania 31 already being booked?

Is sounds crazy but planning the biggest event of the year takes time. Especially when the entire year is needed to build up certain superstars, feuds and angles. Rumors are circulating that the WWE already has tentative plans for the next year’s event and two names keep popping up — Cesaro and Roman Reigns. Both men have been enjoying considerable air time — Cesaro slowly making a face turn and Reigns and Shield feuding with Evolution — and both names have come up in conjunction with the main event at Wrestlemania 31.

Cesaro is being considered as the opponent for the “Streak Killer” Brock Lesnar. This would make sense, considering the Paul Heyman connection, but Brock’s next opponent at Wrestlemania MUST be monumental because of his takedown of Taker at last year’s event. Imagine the crowd reaction next year if Lesnar does the job to an unworthy opponent after killing Undertaker’s legendary streak. The other name being mentioned is The Rock, who was originally supposed to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX.

Reigns is obviously on a collision course with Triple H and Evolution. Early rumors have Reigns and the head of the WWE squaring off at Summerslam 2014.  The Wrestlemania 31 match could either be the payoff to the year-long feud or Shield versus Evolution could be the focal point of Summerslam with Triple H and Roman Reigns finishing the feud at Wrestlemania 31.

Will Evolution evolve soon?

The entire idea behind the Evolution faction is their the group representing the “past, present and future” of professional wrestling. With an average age of almost 40, the three members of the group have the past and present sewn up but what about the future? The faction needs youth.

Bo Dallas is a name being thrown around. I’ll buy it. But I’m proposing a few other possibilities in Cody Rhodes or Curtis Axel. Both men are very much like the former “youngest” member of Evolution, Randy Orton. They’re generational wrestlers with tremendous potential who are currently stuck in a mid-card cluster. Rhodes’ run with Golddust is getting stale and Axel is the forgotten man in the Heyman clan.

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WWE Superstar out with torn ACL

On the injury front, Darren Young says he tore his ACL at a WWE live event on Saturday night but has already been through surgery. He tweeted today about it.

Where’s Rey Mysterio?

That question can have several meanings, as in, “where the heck has Rey’s WWE career gone?” but in this case I’m talking about where physically is Rey Mysterio? He’s not injured — yet –but he’s away on a vacation with family and celebrating the birth of his third kid. Congrats.