Here’s what WWE Raw would look like as a 1980s sitcom

by 5 years ago

WWE 1980s sitcom

The 1980s are my sitcom nirvana.

All of my favorite originate from that decade. Sure, I’ve got some faves prior to the “Me Decade” and even some current favorites but the 1980s classics like Three Company, Charles in Charge and Full House take me back to a time when life didn’t suck.

Not only do I love 1980s sitcoms but I live 1980s wrestling. So what would the current WWE product have looked like back in the 1980s? Probably something like this video.

Fun, but being an 1980s sitcom purest, I’ve got some issues. First, Dean Ambrose totally works as the “wacky friend” but he’d come last in the opening credits and the graphic under his face would read “With Dead Ambrose as Freddy” or something along those lines.

Also, Sandow and Ambrose wouldn’t be on the same sitcom. That’s too many “wacky” dudes for the writers to writer for. Unless they were a team like Lenny and Squiggy. Then they’d appear together in the opening credits.

Otherwise, solid show. They just need to work somewhere besides WWE. Maybe a coffeeshop or a San Francisco morning show.

[via Uproxx]