WWE Rumors: Sin Cara has real backstage fight with current champion

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In WWE rumors today, Sin Cara gets into a real fight with a current WWE champ.

More WWE rumors include — Merchandise sales skyrocket for one WWE star, Chris Jericho is enraged about David Benoit debut, names are being tossed around for the second season of Legends House, Wrestlemania 31 location, a new season of Tough Enough and the new jobs for former WWE divas.

Here’s the WWE rumors and news for today.

WWE Rumors for May 8, 2014

Sin Cara and Sheamus fight backstage at TV taping

According to multiple reports, originally from Wrestling Observer, Sheamus and Sin Cara got into a fight backstage. The two superstars got into a heated discussion with Sin Cara going after the current United States Heavyweight Champion. Nothing has leaked yet regarding what caused the Mexican wrestling star to go after the Irish hoss but word is Sin Cara actually got the best of the champ.

Look for this to develop into a TV storyline by next week.

In related news, Wrestling Observer Newletter is reporting that Sin Cara cracked the top 10 merchandise sellers at WWE live events this month. The Observer notes that Sin Cara being back in the top 10 could be a fluke because the WWE recently ran several successful house shows in Texas.  The recent popularity of Sin Cara, and the long absence of another masked Mexican wrestling legend Rey Mysterio, could have something to do with the Sheamus “fight” and possible storyline.

Jericho puts a stop to David Benoit debut

Interesting development in the debut of David Benoit, son of former WCW/WWE star Chris Benoit. A few weeks back, it was reported that the son of the deceased legend would be making his in-ring debut at a Hart Legacy event in July. Turns out that wasn’t exactly the truth. Here’s what went down.

The news was announced on Twitter by Smith Hart, Bret Hart’s older brother. It turns out David has never formally trained to wrestle and Smith was trying to convince him to do the show thinking it would help draw ticket sales and drum up a lot of attention.

After word got out about David teaming with Chavo Guerrero on the show, Chris Jericho, who is close to David, contacted the Hart Legacy promotion and wasn’t happy at all. Jericho was furious at the promotion for advertising David for a match because he hadn’t been trained yet. Jericho was reportedly very mad and tried to get the match stopped. This led to Chavo Guerrero canceling his booking for the event.

Read more about the incident here.

‘The Nature Boy’ to be in second season of ‘Legends House’?

The WWE Network announced plans to move forward with a second season of the popular series Legends House. Several names have been thrown around to star in the show that puts ex-wrestling stars under the same roof and forces them to work together at different tasks.

An early name attached to the second season was Hulk Hogan but now rumors are swirling that “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair will be the marquee name on the second season of the show. Nothing is set in stone yet.

WWE News for May 8, 2014

Wrestlemania 31 has a location?

Stephanie McMahon mentioned on Twitter that she was in California on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of Levi’s Stadium hosting Wrestlemania 31. According to Wikipedia (which is never the most definitive source for wrestling info), it was confirmed in December of last year that Levi’s Stadium will be host to WrestleMania 31. It will mark the first time Wrestlemania is hosted in Northern California. So, Steph’s tweet is either news, not news, or a super early plug for the March event.

New season of ‘Tough Enough

According to WrestlingInc.com, a new season of WWE Tough Enough will begin filming this June at the Performance Center in Orlando. Early news is that the participants on the show to talents will be wrestlers already under developmental contracts. This is much different than years past, when all participants were free agents and most were green to the wrestling business.

Former Divas embark on new careers

In former Diva news, ex-WWE and TNA women’s wrestler Trinity (Stephanie Finochio), who left the WWE back in 2007 to focus on stunt work, is now competing in the Empire State Roller Derby league in New York. She continues to go by the name Trinity. Former WWE Diva Amy Weber (Amy Dginguerian), released in 2005, is now working as a real estate agent in Southern California. Her brochure mentions backgrounds in acting, modeling, and hosting but doesn’t mention her stint in the WWE.


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