You can now literally inhale alcohol at the bar

by 5 years ago


People frequently talk about inhaling their drink, but it’s typically just obnoxious hyperbole. Now for those who read only literally, a bar in Chicago is serving a drink called the VaporTini.

The idea of inhaling alcohol isn’t new. It pops up every few years as a calorie free idea for how to get drunk. This time around, there’s an actual company selling the drinking…er…inhaling devices to bars.

Vaportini provides a revolutionary way of consuming alcohol. It is inhaled rather than swallowed, smooth and flavorful, and the subtleties of the individual liquors used are apparent. It is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The advantage is no calories, no impurities and the effects are immediately felt; so it’s easier to responsibly imbibe.

I haven’t tried this, but color me intrigued. I’ll be heading to the bar Red Kiva here in Chicago very soon to test this out, and if it’s as awesome as they claim it to be, you can add it to my home drinking vessel collection. Who doesn’t want a way to get drunk more quickly?



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