10 Signs You’re Too Old For An EDM Pool Party

by 3 years ago

I’m 29, and with each year that has passed since I graduated college, I’ve seen myself slip further and further into the terrifying grips of adulthood. It’s a frightening transition that people around me are helpless to stop, not unlike an elderly person suffering from dementia… except instead of forgetting my address or not recognizing my loved ones, I want to go to brunch more frequently, and I try to convince people that we should stay in and “chill” instead of going out to a bar.

But in an effort to combat the onset of adulthood, sometimes you’ll challenge yourself to show that you can still hang. This will include things like staying out late, hanging out with people younger than you, going to a club, watching the “Popular” page on Vine, or in my case this past summer, going to an EDM festival.

Back in August, I went with my roommate and my brother to Splash House – a 2 day EDM festival that takes place across 3 pools in Palm Springs. It’s “North America’s most outrageous pool party,” and the first sign that I probably wouldn’t belong was that I try to stay away from anything that’s described as outrageous. But my brother and roommate (who are both younger than me) were psyched, so I put on my sickest mesh tank and tried to make the best of it.

Check out the video to see how I fared.

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