This Guy Makes $1000 A Week Just By Waiting In Line To Get Rich People Their New iPhones

I fully understand that $52,000 a year isn’t a lot of money by today’s standards (or to Bros with country club aspirations) but for the amount of “work” these guys are actually doing, this is not a bad side gig. They just sit there for Christ’s sake. That is the only qualification for the job. Can you sit? While wearing comfortable clothes? If you check both those boxes, you might be a great candidate for this newfangled occupation.

So the real question is: Would you sit in line, in a chair, for 48 hours to make $1000? It’s easy money. If I was low on funds and I had a free weekend, I would strongly consider it because it beats standing outside of the TGI Fridays in Times Square trying to handout flyers to let people know about half-priced apps. Although without a catheter attached, I think those 48 hours would be pure torture for me. Taking a shit isn’t my concern, but the frequency in which I piss is what you might classify as “extremely problematic.” I’d be getting in and out of that line no less than 24 times in those 48 hours just to drain my bladder.

[H/T Salon]

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