14-Year-Old Wrestles A Massive Python Out Of A Truck Before Heading Off To School

What was your morning routine before you went to school when you were 14-years-old? I imagine that you weren’t wrestling snakes out of trucks before you scampered off to first period. But that’s exactly what this 14-year-old kid did before class this week.

The snake-capturing lad is Oli Wardrope, because what other possible name could an Australian who fucks with huge pythons have? The Facebook video uploaded by Yogi McDougall shows the Queensland teen lying under a truck and pulling a giant python out from the undercarriage of the vehicle.

“I think I see the problem with your car and why it’s making a hissing noise. It appears that your timing belt is actually a giant snake.”

The fearless “mini Steve Irwin” wrestled a 6-foot python from under his family’s Toyota Cruiser. Oli then places the carpet python into a bag as his proud papa Chazza Wardrope says, “Fucking hell lad that’s a big snake.” Then Oli headed off to school like it was as normal as eating breakfast before class.

How many of us would have told our pops that we had a big algebra test that day so we could bypass getting our face bit by a goddamn python.