The 20 Most Ridiculous Holiday Cards Bros Sent Us This Year

Michael, SUNY-Farmingdale

Dylan, Boston: “Bros before hoes.”

Charlie, University of Wyoming: “All of the roommates in my house always get together for an x mas card that we send out to every year. Here's 2013's!”

Steven, Philly: “Better option for a cheeses sweater party.”

Masaru, Tulsa, OK: “For the last 7 years we have been doing this children charity / pub crawl called Stumbling Santas. We hop on a trolley and travel around the city, um, “stumbling.” Good times are had by all. I was late to the picture for bladder issues.”

Dan, Virginia Tech: “My roommate wanted to be baby Jesus… so we created this fantastic scene.”

James, University of Western Ontario: Nov 30 holiday pic, lip sweater's still out in full force for the Christmas card.

Devon, Penn State: “The PIKE house at Penn State took some pics for a frat Christmas card before our holiday bar tour. The cards were sent to all sororities and families.” And… “Human nativity scene at Holidayfest.”

Marc, Brock University: “Bros with Mo's and Christmas Sweaters with Santa.”


Nick, University of Buffalo: “Trot couldn't handle the tree decorating this year, but we couldn't leave him out.”

Caleb, U.S. Naval Academy

Justin, Baltimore: “Just a few bros who remained friends since grad school and were lucky enough to eventually become roommates. We enjoy thrift store sweaters, whiskey, boxed wine and spreading holiday [cheer] in the only way we know- barely heterosexual bromances.”

Alec, McGill University: “As an American, I too was surprised they celebrated Christmas up here in Canada. My mom texted me and asked me for a picture of me and my roommates for our family Christmas Card. We decided to spice it up a bit. We live in the San Remo Apartments, so hence the “Your Friends at San Remo.” Kramer really ties the whole picture together.”

Tyler, FSU: “Phi Tau Christmas card 2013 taken at our annual christmas banquet this passed weekend. Go Noles! Jameis for Heisman!”

Brad, McMaster University (Ontario): Wanted to send out a Christmas card from the boys, so we went with a little cream on cream.

Jake, University of Ottawa: “Just a casual Christmas photo of the boys with Santa rocking some filthy dusters.”

Daniel, University of West Florida: “We dressed up like lumber jacks and brought our own axe to go to Walmart and buy a pre-cut tree.”

Anthony, Collegeville, PA: “We took a picture in the shit hole we lived in and photoshopped the background in and emailed it to half the school, teachers, and coaches with 'Merry fucking Christmas' as the subject.”

And here are our winners!

Mike, University of Delaware: “Just a bunch of bros, growing out mustaches and taking family photos in the mall. Having parents hold their kids close as we waited in line for our turn. Quite an unusual experience.”