Watch This Maniac Fly in on a 5-on-1 Chick Fight and Completely Obliterate Them All

This one unfortunate girl is getting completely brutalized by five other girls and even getting her head stomped ( Jeez the Chinese version of Mean Girls is way, way more darker). However the tides are about to turn. A lot. Out of fucking nowhere a man jumps into the fracas and breaks up the fight as well as a few jaws. He takes on all of the girls and thoroughly thrashes them. And just like dumb villains in the movies, the five girls don’t attack at the same time, but attempt to fight him one at a time. He is like the Oprah of beating up chicks, “You get a punch to the face! And you get a punch to the face! And you get a punch to the face!” I will give him this though; he is a man who truly believes in equality for women as he punches them with as much violent force as he would a man. Not a drop of sexism in this man’s blood.

One devious little brawler smashes the guy in the head with a crate, but she made the mistake of not knocking him out. She promptly gets her comeuppance when the man turns his fists of fury towards her and obliterates her with a nasty haymaker.

Hopefully Stephen A . Smith comments on this video and points out that these women did provoke this man to act this way.