6 Things Rom Com Guys Do That You Don’t And Why It’ll Always Get Them The Girl, According To A Girl

I’m going to start this off by saying you don’t have to be that dude from The Notebook or Zac Effron in literally every single role he’s ever played. Also, you don’t have to fake who you are in order to get a really awesome girl to like you…unless you suck, in which case you totally should just pretend to be someone else for the rest of your life. This is just a guide of the extreme things the guys in these movies do that make it seem like maybe you don’t measure up. Don’t you sit there in your pizza-stained sweat pants and scoff at me! Just take them as playful suggestions.


1. They’re Handy 

Have you ever seen a Romantic Comedy guy that wasn’t handy? Hell no. Even if it’s just whittling tiny toothpicks so that his girl can enjoy a nice bag of popcorn without any discomfort, this motherfucker has some sort of skill with wood. Shut up, the wood in your pants doesn’t count. See? A romantic comedy guy would have never made that joke. He would have been too busy building a rocking chair for us to grow old in.


2. They Say Cute Shit When They Think It 

You know all those times you’ve looked at your girl, thought something, and then proceeded to think well that was super gay? Well, Rom Com guys don’t have that “No Homo” filter. They will let their girls know if they smell good, look beautiful, or have “enchanted him body and soul”. That right there is some Pride and Prejudice shit. Get educated boys, that movie is the ultimate romantic comedy. The leading man in it had literally no “that’s gay” filter, and you shouldn’t either. Next time you think up that kind of stuff, let it go. Your girl will almost always eat it up.


3. They Are Fantastic At Admitting They Are Wrong

Arguments are tricky because you really think you’re right sometimes, which is unfortunate, because you’re not. Even if you can prove your answer with science, you’re still wrong. Rom Com guys know this, and though they do sometimes argue with their girls, they apologize BIG. It’s not just a text saying “I’m sorry baby I love you,” it’s showing up to a baby shower, winning all her friends over, and spelling out “I was wrong” with pacifiers. Though that’s obviously a little extreme, if you were definitely wrong maybe do something a little extra special to show her you are genuinely sorry.


4. They ALWAYS Pick The Chick With The Personality.

In these movies the girls being picked are usually the underdog. They’re usually poor, nerdy, have a kid, or whatever else. The guys in these movies see through that. I’m not saying don’t date rich, super hot girls; more power to you, stud! I’m just saying these guys like their girls because they connect like crazy. No matter what the girl looks like, their guys think they’re the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen in their lives. So if you’re dating some hot chick but you literally cannot take it when words spew from her mouth, maybe you should take some advice from Rom Com guys and dump her. There’s probably some cool ass (also still possibly hot) single chick who walks dogs and writes nerdy Star Wars fan fiction just dying to fulfill your physical AND emotional needs.


5. They Change

Woah woah woah fellas, not all guys start out dreamy as hell. Obviously there are some fixer uppers out there just waiting for the right girl to fix him. This is the thing that happens in chick flicks that almost never happens in real life. You see it all the time though. The guy starts out as a slob, a bad boy; some misunderstood guy that only needed some girl who’s “different” to show him the way. This one is on both genders. Know the difference between doing a few things differently because your girl likes it and changing who you are completely. Basically just be aware if your girl is trying to change who you fundamentally are. If she’s trying to throw out your comic book collection, she’s definitely not your leading lady, but if she’s helping you learn how to do your laundry, keep her close to you forever.


6. Sex Is Only In 5 Minute Increments.

Here’s a big one: how many chick flicks have you seen where the girl is giving the leading guy head? NEVER. There’s soft music, rose petals, and missionary. Sometimes kittens appear afterwards, his dick is made of chocolate and it’s just all around magical. This is definitely one you can’t change. It’s fine. We’ll continue having rough 3 hour long sex with you. It’s the images of Ryan Gosling making out with that lucky bitch Rachel McAdams in the rain that we’ll daydream about while you’re grunting and doing that special move you want to have trademarked, that you’ve convinced yourself we love.


There are some things in this list you can do, and some you unfortunately cannot. Don’t take it too hard fellas, us chicks know Rom Com guys are fictional. But if you’re trying to get into a relationship or trying to work one out, maybe some of this advice will help you take it to that “this relationship is so good it’s almost fictional” level. You’ll be having your girl refer to you as Noah from The Notebook in no time!