These 7 Men Who Turned Down A Date With Hilary Duff Gave The WORST Reasons Why She Wasn’t Good Enough



I know what you’re thinking — Hilary Duff is pretty “eh.” Like yeah she’s a celebrity and famous and probably has stacks on stacks of cash sitting around but like…it’s JUST Hilary Duff. She was a teen star, what does she do now? Dye her hair blue and pink and shit? Swipe around on Tinder? Cool beans girl, I know at least 5 other people who do that too and I don’t see men lining up to ride those pussy planes.

You may think I sound salty (which is true, I am a perpetually salty person), but what’s worse than everyone freaking out over Hilary Duff are the reasons that these 7 dudes chose to not go on a date with her. They’re stupid. I could elaborate, but you’ll see how stupid they are in just a second because wowwwww.

This all came about when Duff went on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show to try and grab a date (which I’m not buying, Duff can get a date whenever she wants but for some reason being a lonely spinster is getting her back in the public eye…weird PR move, but whatever) by participating in a blind dating challenge. Duff didn’t say who she was to the 8 men on the line, but gave out facts about herself . When the men heard something about her that they didn’t like, they hung up.

This is what caused them to hang up.

Single Hilary described herself as ‘American, blonde, and 5″2 and from Texas.’

‘I have a good job, I like to cook, I like to drink wine, and I like dogs more than humans,’ she added.

She lost the first bachelor when she was asked about what she looks for in a man, and said ‘someone that can make me laugh, has a good personality. I like funny banter.’

Revealing ‘I’m a single mum,’ cost her another two callers.

Of the five remaining men, another two dropped off the line when

Hilary said ‘If they didn’t have a career yet, I’d be OK with it- but I’d hope they were working toward something.

‘If they’re straight unemployed then no, I’m good.’

Of the last three, only one was left after Hilary spoke about her love of animals and letting two of her dogs sleep in the same bed as her.

Tony, who stayed on board, was then told the girl from America was actually 27 year-old Come Clean singer Hilary Duff.(via)

So the guy who hung up because Duff likes funny men…is a boring pothole? And another is just a straight-up bum with no career goals in sight? And who gives a shit about dogs sleeping in your bed? These men sound like losers, to be honest.

As for whether or not Tony will actually get to go on a date with Hilary…

When the radio hosts discussed with Hilary and Tony that she would now get his number, Kyle suggested she’ll probably never actually give him a call.

But Hilary, remaining upbeat about the situation, replied: ‘Never say never, I went on Tinder.’(via)

Yeah right.

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