Paratrooper In The 82nd Airborne Division Wears A GoPro While Jumping Out Of A C-130

by 3 years ago
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This is awesome. Titled “Knees In The Breeze,” the Army’s famous 82nd Airborne Division posted this incredible GoPro video on their Facebook page on Saturday. It’s a first-person POV of a parachute soldier jumping out of a C-130 at the 82nd Airborne’s home base of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It’s a nice little taste of what an Army paratrooper’s work day looks like.

The Division has a lot to celebrate right now, including the safe return of paratroopers from Afghanistan as the United States officially ends war-time military operations there. Shout out to the huge Bros and heroes of the 82nd. Our sincerest thanks for keeping us on the homefront safe.

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