Amazon Customer Service Rep Gets Revenge On Shopper By Placing 10-Inch Dildo In Cart

It appears that a spiteful customer service rep didn’t appreciate the negative feedback of a shopper so they made the consumer happy by giving into all of their requests. Just kidding! The representative put a ginormous 10-inch dildo in their Amazon shopping cart.

Last October, an IT contractor in Ireland ordered a specialized textbook from for a new extracurricular art class. The customer, named Pedro, was disappointed when the book arrived because it was the previous edition despite it being advertised as the current edition in the listing.

Pedro contacted customer service so that he could exchange the incorrect textbook for the correct product. Pedro told Ars Technica that it took customer service a few days to tell him that the up-to-date book was unavailable in their warehouse and that he should return the book for a full refund.

Pedro was frustrated by the amount of time that was wasted in the ill-fated attempt to get a book. Pedro then voiced his dissatisfaction by leaving negative feedback on a customer satisfaction survey.

End of story. Not exactly. Pedro said that the next time that he opened up his Amazon account there was a dildo in his shopping cart. But not just any lousy dildo, oh no, in his Amazon shopping basket was the “Hulk 10.25-inch Huge Dong Black” that has a retail value of $61.99. Go big or go home I guess.

It gets worse.

“The problem is, I was at the office, in an open space, with people behind me,” Pedro said. “A guy and two girls were sitting by me when I opened up Amazon and they saw the contents of my shopping basket.”

Pedro thought long and hard about the dildo and suspected that it was the Amazon customer service rep getting revenge for the negative feedback.

I don’t think many people would believe you if you said, “That’s not my 10-inch dildo, customer service put it in my cart after I didn’t get a book.”

“If my best friend did it to me while I wasn’t watching, of course I would find it funny,” Pedro told Ars. “I’m not a prude.

Despite the fake dong listing boasting that the Hulk 10.25-inch Huge Dong Black was “perfect for comic book lovers,” made in the USA from “top quality materials,” Pedro did not want to purchase the dildo.

From Ars Technica:

Pedro’s first reaction was to take a screenshot—and then to e-mail Amazon and ask them what was going on. His ticket bounced around between a number of customer service representatives, eventually ending up with Andreas Mühlbauer of the “Executive Customer Relations” team at After a few back-and-forth e-mails, Pedro spoke to Mühlbauer on the phone on the morning of October 22.

According to Pedro, Mühlbauer was very sympathetic during the phone call and apologized profusely for the incident. Mühlbauer assured Pedro that he had “been in touch with the HR department” to ensure that such an incident doesn’t happen again. As a small gesture of apology, Mühlbauer told Pedro that the company would add a €100 voucher to his account.

The difference between Pedro’s cart and the customer service representative is that the rep is a real dick. I’m not necessarily saying that that’s a bad thing. Quite the hilarious prank if you don’t give a shit about your job.