Leave It To Amber Rose To Show Us What The Walk Of Shame Should Look Like, Forever And Always

Hey, you got fucked last night?

I sure did.

Damn, I didn’t. But go on wit cha bad self.

You know I will.

It’s 2015. Errrrrrrrybody’s fuckin’. And the way the world’s going, we’re all going to be a pile of dust soon anyway, so let’s celebrate it. Instead of shitting on people for boning rando’s on the reg, let’s point out how awesome they are. They just had some sex. With any luck it was good. Naughty, nasty and good. If you see them on the street, with their makeup smeared, their stockings ripped to virtual shreds, and walking with a sex-induced limp, give them a round of applause. Because they had sex and having sex is not the worst way to spend your time on earth.

P.S. Anyone else expect Odell Beckham Jr. to live in a nicer house?


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