Angry, French Taxi Drivers DESTROY A Car’s Windshield With A Cinder Block During Anti-Uber Protest

by 5 years ago
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This hurts to watch. On Thursday night, riots broke out in Paris over — of all things to riot about — Uber. Like… The car service that gets you and your bros home after taking too much Fireball to the face. Angry taxi drivers — frustrated by the loss of business to the car service app — took to the streets of Paris to violently protest.

Courtney Love Cobain was one of the people caught in the mayhem, which consisted of taxi drivers straight up attacking and assaulting Uber operators.

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This sounds awful, but it doesn’t begin to illustrate just how violent and dangerous it is for Uber drivers. For example, this scumbag throwing a cinder block onto what he thinks is an on-coming Uber car:

Read more about the entire ordeal over at CNN. Apparently it was only 1000 taxi drivers, mostly at airports, but clearly it was enough to make an impact.

Get as pissed as you want about the changing times threatening your cushy union jobs, but how the hell is something like that aggravated assault with a deadly weapon? This could have easily injured or killed someone.

Get it together, France.

Meanwhile… tensions stay high.
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