Here Are The 5 Most Annoying Online Dating Habits And You’ve Probably Done Them All

January 4th was the best day of the year to try online dating. Why? Because New Year’s Eve reminds people that their lives suck.

Even though you missed Cyber Sex Monday, there’s still many many reasons to try online dating or to continue to scan Tinder for casual sex turned possible relationship. Just don’t be annoying about it.

So what’s considered “annoying” behavior these days in online dating? Eh, pretty much the same stuff people have always done, according to a survey by

The dating site asked their members “What online dating habit do you wish singles would quit in 2016?” The survey of 15,578 revealed the bad habit singles are hoping to ditch in 2016.

The most annoying dating habit? Ghosting. Over 38% said they were ghosted in 2015. The second most annoying habit was social media stalking (21%) followed but sending unsolicited photos (dick pics) and not responding to messages at all. Rounding out the top five was “leading people on.”

So try not to do any of these things in 2016. Or do them. It’s your love life, I don’t give a shit.

[via WhatsYourPrice]

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